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Why Print Custom Footwear

Personalized Footwear on the Brother Personalized Footwear on the Brother

It's no secret that the core business for GT users is printing on to t-shirts. But this does not mean that garments are the only thing that can be printed. If you check out your closet, the odds are you

  • Average cost of a pair of blank shoes is between $20 - $40.
  • Average cost of ink to personalize the sides of two shoes is less than $4.
  • Average selling price of personalized shoes range between $80 - $120.
  • The average ROI on the Shoe Platen is less than 10 SHOES!

Purchase a Shoe Platen Kit!

If you are located in the USA, you can purchase a Shoe Platen Kit online by clicking here. If you are located outside of the USA, click on the Contact Us link to the right and send us an email with your shipping address. We will send you back a quote for the cost of the Shoe Platen Kit and shipping.

Our Services

Instructions for GT Shoe Platen Instructions for using the Shoe Platen Want to see how any GT printer can personalize footwear using the Shoe Platen. The Instructions page will provide you with a step-by-step illustration of the process.
Frequently Asked Questions on GT Shoe Platen Frequently Asked Questions Got questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section! We are mind readers, so you will likely find your answer waiting for you.
Photo Video Gallery for GT Shoe Platen Photo & Video Gallery Want to check out some pictures and videos of the Shoe Platen in action? No better place than taking a stroll over to the Photo Gallery section.
Contact Us About GT Shoe Platen Contact Us Got a question about the Shoe Platen Insert? Want to order one and you are outside the United States? Complete this form and we will reply back.

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