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Mark E. Bagley, Esq., President

Digital Marketing Solutions, LLC is a business consulting firm dedicated to working with companies in the Decorated Apparel Industry. With experience in complete (start-to-finish) product development, technical documentation creation and global product launch, Digital Marketing Solutions have assisted manufacturers and distributors in the Decorated Apparel Industry since 2004. Under the brand name Garment Tools, we have also brought to the industry several different products.

Digital Marketing Solutions has also worked with numerous garment decorators in establishing their business, selecting equipment, creating marketing plans and improving efficiencies in production. With experience in direct-to-garment / substrate, dye sublimation & digital transfer printing and screen printing, as well as strong contacts in the embroidery and large format printing segments, we can provide sound business advice in just about any area of the garment decorating industry.

Mr. Bagley is also a licensed attorney in the State of Florida and has the following educational degrees:
* Juris Doctorate from Stetson University College of Law
* Masters in Business Administration from Stetson College
* Masters in Instructional Technology from the University of Central Florida

Other GT Products

DTG Pretreat

A light garment (CMYK ink only) pretreat fluid designed for printing on to polyester, blends and natural fabrics to increase the overall brightness in colors and improve washability. For more information, visit

Touchdown Platen

A multi-purpose platen that works on all GT printers, the Touchdown Platen is designed to all GT users to switch out platen inserts that raise the printable area of the garment to allow for printing in multiple print locations. Because the metal components are the most expensive parts, the Touchdown Platen can save GT users a lot of money instead of purchasing separate platens. In addition, the Touchdown Platen allows for GT users to create their own custom platens quickly and easily. For more information, visit

GT Cap Platen

Digitally printing on both the crown and the bill of caps using a any GT printer can increase the product offering to customers. The GT Cap Platen will hold unstructured caps and most structured caps to allow for all over printing on the desired headwear. For more information, visit

GT Align Tool

Learning to load a shirt straight on the platen takes some skill, but it can be much easier with the use of a GT Align Tool. This alignment tool is a licensed patented tool that uses a 3-point registration system to align the shirt straight on to the standard platen.. For more information, visit

Gripper Kit

Printing on to tote bags, hoodie sweatshirts, long sleeves and other items can be challenging to get them to stay flat on the Adult GT Platen. Using rubber bands, tape or binder clips can add additional loading time and require you to print in unidirectional print mode. The Gripper Kit mounts directly under the GT Adult, Youth and Oversized Platens. For more information, visit

Perfect Transfers Tool

Aligning digital transfers on a garment while on a heat press is challenging. Part of the garment is hanging off the heat press platen. How do you know you put the garment on the heat press platen straight or if the heat applied graphic is straight on the platen? The Perfect Transfers Tool uses a patented 3-point registration technique to square the heat applied graphic with the garment while on the heat press platen. For more information, visit

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GT Touchdown Multi-Purpose Platen for Brother GT-541, GT-782 & GT-3 Printers
Touchdown Platen
Light Garment CMYK Pretreat for Brother GT-541, GT-782 & GT-3 Printers
DTG Pretreat
GT Cap Platen for Brother GT-541, GT-782 & GT-3 Printers
Cap Platen